Someone's Wrong on the Internet, or SWOTI, is a podcast from two POCs who enjoy discussing politics, relationships, and pop culture—so pretty much everything. SWOTI features intelligent and inclusive conversation along with the humor and emotional depth that many listeners would expect from conversations with their own bffs. Just imagine PBS NewsHour meets A Different World meets The Golden Girls, and you'll get a sense of what we're about. Maybe some Star Trek: TNG too.

As best friends, we of course support one another and make each other laugh, but we also try to challenge each other; and we're going to challenge you all too. If you're interested in listening to the same old echo chamber, scroll through your News Feed. But if you want to hear some much-needed criticism of folks from across the spectrum—both conservatives and liberals—then pull up a chair.

So much on the Internet is wrong right now, but luckily some things are right. (Trust us, we've read the Internet. All of it.) Let's get talking.