Episode 11. A Racial Bechdel Test: Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, Even Tilda Swinton . . . and Brie

First there was Batman v. Superman; now we have Margaret Cho v. Tilda Swinton. Was Margaret right in calling Tilda out for treating her like a "house Asian"? Is Tilda as woke as she thinks she is? Joe and Brie examine the receipts and find ourselves firmly on Team Cho. We discuss Hollywood's continued whitewashing of Asian roles, why gender diversity isn't more important that racial diversity, and also why, in the end, we might throw Tilda a bone.

Next, we chat about a "Racial Bechdel Test": If two POCs talk about something other than white people, does anyone hear it? Are we less implicated than white people when it comes to cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity? And then we wrap things up with a quick "U Mad" about how Nate Parker and Casey Affleck's sexual assault allegations are being treated differently by the press. Brie offers up a theory as to why. Hint: It rhymes with "spacism." Plus ALL THE ACCENTS!