Episode 24. A Hillbilly & A Black Republican Walk Into A Bar: Race, & Talking Across the Aisle

What do a "hillbilly," a black Republican, and a Bangladeshi-American centrist have in common? They all spoke to us for this PACKED season finale! We interview two POC Republicans and one liberal Appalachian about how to talk to Republicans: what's really motivating them, and how does race affect their politics? Are POC Republicans able to help us learn how to reach across the aisle? Are they able to bring added empathy to the question of how to address Republican racial issues?

The episode ends with a bang as we have an intense back and forth with our black Republican about his feelings on gay marriage, and whether liberals are wrong to make personal issues like gay marriage "personal."

We'd apologize for the length, but we're going on hiatus, so this is the only podcast you'll have from us for a while. Savor it! And find more of us on YouTube until we're back later this fall!

With John Friend (@K_NoiseWaterMD), Fairooz Adams, (@FairoozAdams) & Joseph Hunter (@BlkandRed).

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