Episode 14. Free Speech or Nah? Competing Speech Interests in Trump's America

Nary a week goes by without the First Amendment making headlines, whether it's protests at Berkeley, Milo Yiannopoulos becoming a lightning rod for speech rights on the right (until he wasn't), Tomi Lahren's recent fall from grace, "PC Culture" corrupting college campuses, Republican congressmen snatching high school kids' paintings off the wall, or the fervor over our constitutionally-enshrined right to wear that Pocahontas costume on Halloween. In this first episode of season two, Joe and Brie break it all the way down, unpack the interests at play (including the interests of marginalized students who are often treated in a cursory fashion), and attempt to balance them all without running ink on the Constitution with snowflake tears. As usual, they interject with humor, personal anecdotes, and musical interludes from yesteryear.