Episode 15. I Feel Some Type of Way About Allison Williams: "Get Out" & Interracial Relationships

We watched Jordan Peele's revolutionary horror film "Get Out" and asked what, if any, message about interracial relationships we were supposed to draw from a horror flick about whiteness.  How generalizable is the subtext about trust and authenticity? What lessons should we take from the inclusion of an Asian and Latino character in a film that otherwise draws black and white boundary lines between good and evil? Joe and Brie are joined by original SWOTI members Lyse and Chef for a particularly energetic conversation!  

For the last twenty minutes, Brie and Joe talk about their own interracial relationships.  Brie discusses her own somewhat rare Asian Man/Black Woman pairing, and how dating a person of color differs from dating white men.  Joe reflects on interracial dating in the context of a gay relationship, and unpacks anti-Asian prejudice within the community.