Episode 17. When White Things Happen To Black People: On Shea Moisture & Jesse Williams

Joe and Brie are back, and they're talking about the controversial Shea Moisture advertisement that raised heckles when it excluded the black women--the very women who comprise the product's user base. What obligation does a black-owned, black-targeted hair product company have to acknowledge its base? Are black products "allowed" to expand to a more diverse audience? Would black women abandoning the company for a white-owned one teach it the desired lesson? Then, Brie & Joe discuss #wokebae Jesse Williams and his recent separation from his wife. Does it undermine one's #wokeness to couple up with a person who is seemingly not-so-woke (though is quite hot)? Finally, Joe and Brie answer questions from their #viral (viral!) interracial dating YouTube video. This last segment is available on their YouTube channel so, if you haven't yet, don't forget to watch them in action here (and see pictures of the pair in college!). #thecomeupisreal