Episode 22. So . . . Now Seems Like a Good Time to Talk About HBO's Confederate

The Game of Throne producers are coming out with a new show called Confederate, about what would have happened if the south had won the Civil War. In the context of the current political climate, in which violence has erupted between aggressive white nationalists and peaceful counter protestors over a statue of Robert E. Lee, is this show appropriate? Is Black Twitter right to try to shut the project down? #noconfederate. Should we be happy that two talented show runners are turning their attention to a subject so important to the national conversation? Or should be wary given their poor handling of issues relating to race and sexual assault in the past? Joe and Brie discuss all the takes, and Brie gives Black Twitter some pushback.

Next, they discuss R. Kelly, John McCain, and how to talk about people who make or do something "good" (e.g. Ignition/Health Care vote) but who have otherwise disappointing personal histories. What are our ethical obligations to distance ourselves from Kelly's music given recent accusations that he is inducting young girls into a "cult?" How should we process McCain's brain cancer given his complicated political record and reluctance to ensure all Americans can receive the medical care he benefits from?

Finally, we chat about the new season of Insecure, Chris Pratt and Anna Ferris's break up, and when and whether Brie will become Joe's "beard."

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