Episode 25. After #MeToo: The Questions Folks are Scared to Ask and Answer

Weeeeee're back!!!

And we're jumping right into the fray with a no-holds barred episode about the #metoo movement and sexual assault.

Does acknowledging the impact rape culture require us to reconsider culpability for bad acts which happened in the past under different ethical standards? #georgetakei

Why is it controversial to acknowledge that all sexual assaults aren't equally bad? And does failing to distinguish between them open up a slippery slope where crime and punishment may not match up? #alfranken #donaldtrump

How do we manage the tension between our desire to seek extreme punishment for sexual assault (especially given how rare punishment has been historically), and our #goodliberal feelings about rehabilitation and reintegration with respect to other, non-sexual violent crimes?

Also, Joe and I catch up, talk New Year's resolutions, and generally revel in each other's company: you know how we do. Catch up on old episodes in the interim! https://soundcloud.com/swoti. And follow @SWOTIpodcast!

Theme music: "Sorry" by Comfort Fit