Episode 26. Should Aziz Pay? Should MoNique Get Paid?

What exactly did Aziz Ansari do wrong on his now infamous date? Joe and Brie make sense of this divisive issue by breaking down all the factors which militate in favor of Aziz, as well as those for which he was properly called out.

Next, they discuss whether comedian MoNique is being undervalued, as she claims, for a prospective Netflix special. Is she being lowballed, and if so, can she properly attribute that to her gender and/or race?

Joe and Brie then devolve into some hilarious chatter about bad-but-fun black movies #almostchristmas, good-but-tragic black movies #precious, and great-in-every-way black movies #thecolorpurple, before tackling an ethical issue relating to Brie's latest piece in #RollingStone: did she mischaracterize the argument of Atlantic editor Adam Serwer in her latest piece?

Finally, Brie and Joe discuss Brie's recent foray into vegetarianism (already over by the time this episode was posted), their thoughts on #StarWars and Adam Driver's sex appeal, and Lady Bird: a love letter to Joe's native Sacramento.

Lots of musical interludes, accents, and laughter!

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Intro: Sorry by Comfort Fit