Episode 27. "Do You Like Brazilian Music?": On Quincy Jones, Immigration, & Twitter Tiffs

Joe and Brie do a deep dive into the GREATEST INTERVIEW ON EARTH! Last week, New York Mag interviewed Quincy Jones and uncovered stunning revelations about Marlon Brando's sexual relationship with Richard Pryor, and Pryor's public courtship of people across the gender spectrum! Brie and Joe talk about the cocaine on Pam Grier's cervix, Ivanka Trump's legs, & why Brie is an alternative Dope Queen.

Then the pair welcome immigration lawyer Stephen Robbins to talk about what a progressive immigration policy looks like. Using articles by Brianna Rennix of Current Affairs, and John Judis (linked below), they investigate whether the Democratic party's bad messaging is the result of a failure to commit to open borders, while using language which suggests that open borders are an ultimate goal.

Finally, Joe and Brie discuss the Twitter beefs Brie endured this week, and unpack what the word "perm" means across ethnic lines.



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