Episode 28. Should We Be Better?: Parsing the Morality of Material Consumption & Black Panther

This episode is late but great! Joe and Brie catch up on some very important cultural events: figure skater Nathan Chen and his...physique, and the hottest queen in the game, Janelle Monae. Her music video "Make Me Feel" is definitely making us feel some things. Are Brie and Joe bisexual? Maybe. (Probably not.) Then, they take on the hottest Black Panther take, which asks whether the film is actually anti-revolutionary because it associates global black liberation with a murderous villain. (It's a no from Brie.) If you want to miss spoilers, pause when they start talking about Black Panther and skip to 26:36.

The pair is then joined by founder and editor of Current Affairs magazine, Nathan Robinson, to discuss two of his recent articles which asks what moral obligation individuals have to be more ethical consumers.  The first article, "Meat and the H-Word," asks whether our indifference to the suffering caused by our meat consumption is properly analogized to the holocaust.  How should we understand the value of animal lives? Would Brie really eat her own dog? How's her vegetarianism going?

The hosts then go on to examine Robinson's piece on the morality of consumption using his piece "Does Caring About Others Mean You Have to be a Joyless Ascetic?" Is there such a thing as a maximum moral income? If so, how do you set it? Is it 30k? 60k? 100k? How do we decide what type of consumption is justified insofar as it creates a life full of joy and beautiful things -- a life worth living -- and when do we decide that doing so in the face of poverty is simply inexcusable? *Should* we buy that extra umbrella? Or those thigh-high boots?

We wrestle with some REALLY tough questions in this one, but Robinson's wit, plucky demeanor, and unbeatable accent make it fun.

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Current Affairs: Does Caring About Other People Mean You Have To Be A Joyless Ascetic?

Current Affairs: Meet and the H-Word

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