Episode 29. Michael Brooks, Fish Sex, Me Too, Farrakhan, & The West Virginia Teachers Strike

The illustrious Michael Jamal Brooks of the Michael Brooks Show joins us for the entire episode, and it's a real treat!

We chat about his run in with "Tiger Mom's" progeny, the new Rachel Dolezal Netflix special, and the Oscars, before drilling down on The Shape of Water and the ethics of casting able-bodied actors to play characters with disabilities. (Brie also questions the public's acceptence of woman/fish bestialtiy #fishsex). We also debate Kobe Bryant's acceptance of an Oscar in the era of #metoo, and the recent Louis Farrakhan/Tamika Mallory anti-semitism controversy.

We had so much fun with Brooks we almost didn't get to the meat & potatoes, but we close out with a discussion of the recent West Virginia teachers strike, and get Brooks's read on where the movement goes next.

Please forgive Brie for calling Octavia Spencer "Olivia Spencer" half a dozen times!

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