Episode 30. Brie's Mooney Mooves, Peace in Korea, Issa Rae-cism, and the Lies of Joy-Ann Reid

After an unexpectedly long hiatus, Joe and Brie are back to catch you up on who's wrong on the internet. First, they dish about what's new in their lives: Joe struggles with how he'll manage to take thirst-trap selfies with a broken phone. And in almost as gripping news, Brie dishes on her new job at The Intercept.  How does she feel about leaving the law behind? And will our favorite leftist co-host be censoring herself now that she's an editor at The Intercept? (Nope.)

Then, after a brief detour to give their initial impressions of the Crazy Rich Asians trailer, the pair tackle what's going on in the Korean Peninsula. As a Korean American, Joe shares his feelings about the official end to the Koren War. What does this mean for his family? Is it possible—dear god—that we have Trump to thank for all of this? Is denuclearization actually in the cards? Plus, Brie admits that she may have the hots for a certain South Korean president, and Joe reveals a cosmetic connection to North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

Finally, Brie and Joe grapple with some U Mads; after all, it's been over a month, and there's a lot to be mad about! First, what exactly was Joy-Ann Reid thinking? Did she forget that the internet saves all receipts? And is she genuinely holding herself accountable for her past homophobic comments? Next, the co-hosts discuss the Michelle Wolf kerfuffle at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Joe and Brie are on the fence about whether the "smokey eye" joke about Sarah Huckabee Sanders was misogynistic. But are liberals incorrectly digging in their heels by defending Wolf? And finally, everyone's favorite awkward black girl, Issa Rae, has been in the news for her suggestion that black women should exclusively date Asian men because they're a better "intellectual match" for one another. As ostensible intellectual matches, Brie and Joe explain why this is all kinds of wrong.

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