Episode 31. Everyone's A Little Bit...Advantaged?: Calling Out "Privilege" + Spotify’s Inconsistency

So...we need to talk about privilege, both as a concept and as a rhetorical tool. Privilege is a framing device that's been embraced by liberals to surface the various advantages and disadvantages bestowed upon individuals because of their identities. Unlike some folks on the right, Joe and Brie can agree that privilege exists. (Also, news flash: The Earth is round.) But has the term privilege outlasted its strategic utility? Rather than revealing various power structures and relationships, is the word now only used to shut down conversations with those on the right? Are there better alternatives that we might use? And, practically speaking, are there ways that we can highlight the privilege of others without putting them on the defensive?

We also talk about Spotify's "Hateful Conduct" policy and the company's decision to pull R. Kelly from its playlists. Even though this policy was recently reversed, it's worth re-examining, particularly in light of recent events involving the erasure of men like Bill Cosby. Are we being consistent in how we treat public figures who have been accused of heinous behavior? And what are we actually accomplishing when we remove them from our cultural archives?

Stay tuned for some guilty pleasure karaoke involving early aughts chanteuse, Vanessa Carlton. (Or is that Michelle Branch?) Plus, some U Mads and U Glads about Janelle Monae's new album (#glad) and the sexual politics of your mother's favorite sitcom, Frasier (#mad).

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Theme song: Comfort Fit - Sorry