Episode 33. Not So Mellow Yellow: Joe's Blond Hair, Sarah Jeong, and Free Speech Indecision On the Left

Hello, SWOTI-boos! After Joe gives an account of his life as an amateur model in Provincetown (aka gay Mecca) and Brie offers a sneak peak of her leftist-themed, farewell-to-NYC party (aka She Left), the SWOTI hosts dive into some thought-provoking topics. First, they discuss the implications of Alex Jones being removed from Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes. Why has it been so challenging for these companies—and even liberals—to come up with a rigorous, consistent policy to address what does and does not constitute hate speech? Is there room for nuance, context or humor when making these decisions? And how do we draft rules that treat both Sarah Jeong, the now notorious New York Times writer who tweeted about enjoying being cruel to old white men, and Alex Jones, outright bigot and conspiracy peddler, fairly?

Next, Joe makes things personal by talking about how his decision to go blonde may be influenced by Eurocentricity. What does it mean, if anything, to dye one's hair? Is it a political statement? A sign of freedom from society's attitudes about what an Asian person "should" look like? Or is it just a cool, Instagram-worthy look?

Finally, the SWOTI hosts talk their U Glads (BoJack Horseman) and U Mads (Queer Eye). Is BoJack the most insightful, hilarious (and bleak) show on Netflx? Are Brie and her boyfriend partners in life *and* binge watching? (Sorta.) Does Queer Eye reinforce capitalist notions of what it means to be a whole, healthy human being? Does Joe now identify as a Marxist?

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Theme song: Comfort Fit - Sorry