Joe and Brie Answer Interracial Dating Questions!!!

Are romantic "preferences" racist? Are all preferences inherently wrong? How does one manage the insecurities which come from dating someone who subscribes to different beauty standards than you do? Brie and Joe respond to some of the questions and comments they received in response to their two popular videos on interracial dating. Also, Brie gives hair tips, Joe reflects on being a #regulationhottie, and the two reminisce about the early days of their friendship when one of them harbored a little crush. You don't want to miss pics of the pair in college! #theglowupisreal

Has Obama Sold Out? Wall Street Speeches, Corporate Capture and a Black Man's Coins

The Internet is divided over the prudence of President Obama's plan to take a $400k speaking fee from the Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald in exchange for a speech on health care later this year. One camp sees the criticism as holding the first black president to an unfair standard, while the other is concerned that taking money from Wall Street undermines the president's ability to advocate for the people against corporate interests. In this late night recording session, Joe and Brie take a crack at solving the Internet: who's right? (Incidentally, do you think Barack and Michelle got that $60 million book deal money upfront?)

Building a Progressive Coalition Without Working Class Whites? Nope.

If you've listened to SWOTI, you know that @briebriejoy has some . . . thoughts and feelings about the popular line of reasoning that says the Democratic Party should not attempt to solicit the votes of white working class voters, whose low turnout in critical Rustbelt states was a critical factor in Clinton's loss. After arguing the same points over and over on Twitter, she decided to commit her thoughts to a more formal piece. You can read it here.

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